Interior Intuitions Inc. translates clients’ needs, special requests and vision of the kitchen or bath they think they want into a design that exceeds even their own imagination. Bev Adams and her team understand that exceptional residential interior rooms are an expression of the client’s psychology—the “voice of the client” and the “voice of the house.” Discerning clients rely on Interior Intuitions to carefully navigating the multitude of kitchen and bath products and materials on the market to answer and satisfy that all-telling voice.

Our Symbol

The circle, square & triangle represent the three basic forms of design & symbolize the understanding between people. The core of the logo is the triangle, representing body, mind, & spirit, surrounded by the four states of mind consciousness—“super-conscious mind, sub-conscious mind, conscious mind, & the human ego." The square (being the mind of humanity) is encompassed by the circle, which represents the human soul. From the exterior of the logo, the “rays” represent the human energy force that is shared through human intuition.

"A home is not a mere transient shelter: its essence lies in the personalities of the people who live in it."     H.L. MENCKEN (1800 -1956 )