“Oh for light!”  The correct placement of lighting is very important. Light on her face should be planned to be located on either side of her face and not more than twenty four to thirty inches from each side of her face. There is nothing worse than a lady who thinks that she looks fantastic, only to discover that she looks like a freaky clown because the lighting she used while putting her face on just was not in the correct location. This usually is recognized far too late when the reflections in the guests mirror reveals rosy cheeks in the wrong color and the hideous combination of eye shadows and or application of them. The worse lighting is light that shines above the head. This casts cruel shadows that direct and guide the makeup to not be the most complimentary and or in some cases, downright ugly!
The type of lamp used in the fixture and the value of wattage wills also enhance the “color” of the face.  Light bulbs = lamps, and they also have their color coding. Lamps will either wash out the face and make the skin look dead, or can enhance the colors of the complexion and ‘trick’ the user into makeup applications which in the daylight would just look horrible. The old incandescent light bulb throws the color red onto any surface and because of this makeup put onto the face is usually understated, and ‘you just don’t have enough on’ because the red glow of the lamp over compensates the color. In contrast, fluorescent light does usually produces a cooler color, and if makeup is put on with “cool fluorescent’ the user will over compensate and will truly look like a clown!

The other point of grooming-area lighting, is not to ‘melt that face!”  The glamour incandescent make-up lights that follow the perimeter of the mirror which provides an equal light source at six inch centers, produce so much heat that when the lady is twelve inches away from the mirror (which is the correct distance), her face melts, she perspires, and the makeup just sprints down her face. The makeup will not look so hot after the lights “hot-up-her face.”


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