If a client is burned out on the design process, what should they do?

Many people just ‘shop till they drop.’ This shopping includes the comparison of products, (what is new, what is in,) and multitude of demands that force the decisions to a variety of products. The the compulsive worrier, it is all about the ‘what ifs.’ This includes what my husband wants, what my wife wants, what my kids would destroy, where is the dog going to eat, what about our old cat, what is the price, what is the warranty, is it green, do I get a credit on energy if I use such and such, does it work, will it break and on and on…etc etc. The frustration of the selection of the product for starters is quite overwhelming.

What is the advice? Find a designer that will listen to the dream list, and listen to the concerns to step into the clients head to really ‘get’ where they are. The client is responsible for providing the wish list, the dreaming, the pictures, the essence of what they really want. They, the client can also be liars, and try to create something that really is not in their heartful intention. This could be to please “the Dad, and or Mom and could be based on parental imprinting.” The design professional must be trained to read between the lines, and innately use their intuition to locate the truthful dreams of the client.

Most designers and or architects follow the role of psychologist, mediator or referee in the design process and selection process in a kitchen. Should there be more than one room, it gets even more complicated. The CLIENT is responsible for finding the right empathize that provides the solutions and expertise that is needed to accomplish a most rewarding kitchen design and space.

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