Interior Intuitions introduces Intuitive Cabinetry at their recent open house

INTUTIVE CABINETRY….’.it knows what you want’ was introduced recently at a festive open house.  Architect, Designers, Clients, Friends, competitors all enjoyed the wine, great food, and conversation. 120 attended, and if there had been more, the guests would have looked like ‘sweaty sardines’.

The display description being titled “the levels of consciousness’ is tierd in four levels: The base cabinetry represents the subconscious mind, countertops are the concious mind, double entry glass flashy wall cabinetry represents the ego, and the cantilever fly over shelfs represent the super conscious, soul, guidance from above providing light to the countertop ( conscious mind) below.  The display features a double subzero unit, wolf microwave drawer, servo self-opening drawers, and is absolutely stunning.

Everyone loved it! Everyone had a wonderful time! We will do another one to re-introduce Intuitive Cabinetry to those who could not make it, and share the success of our wonderful showroom.


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