Rule 1: Designing a kitchen is all about the people!  There needs to be a design "zone" for just the visitors, and or children not more than 5' ( five feet) away from the major cook.  If this location is further than 5'  the visitors and or children will follow and be not further than 5' away regardless of "what is in the way."  The workinig triange, ( cooktop, sink, refrigerator) should be isolated from the "people zone" and carefully located again.......5' away from the people.

Rule 2: Desiging a kitchen as of course about the food.  Clients and designers should consider the following evaluation in the planning stage.  What do you cook, who cooks it, when time of day do you eat, and what style of eating do you require? What you cook would determine the amount and type of refrigeration. Kosher storage is very definitive as the dairy and meats cannot be stored in the same location.  If you are a vegetarian, you will require more  'fresh produce storage" either refrigerated and or dry storage. Who cooks it.? Who IS the chef?  What special needs to they have? What time of day do you cook, will dictate the lighting requirements for the task areas.  What style of eating is required?  Do you prefer a separate table, a bar near the preparation area, and or a separate room away from the kitchen all together? The trend today is to include the eating area IN the kitchen as one large environment. Is this what your client needs?

Rule 3: What personality type is the cleint?  Consideration of whether they are "neat-knacks" might direct storage areas that are totally concealed and the ellimination of open shelves in the design.  If they are fast-paced, the working triangle might be designed tighter ( not further than 6 feet away from each major component being the cooktop, sink, and or refrigerator) for quicker accessibility to the preparation needs. If the client is professional that returns home late and needs a snack, the freezer  and microwave might be the most important appliance to 'zap' the quicky-meal into an edible morsel. 

Rule 4: The kitchen should have something in it that you love!  Somewhere in the kitchen space, the client needs to just love something designed  in it. This "love" will release and emit good energy-emmissions, and create an aura of good will, and harmony which will ease digestion, and create an aura of happiness. It will be addictive, and whatever the client loves, he or she will share this love about it with visitors.  This could be part of the design elements i.e. countertop material, and appliance that 'rocks their world' like a cool coffee maker, and or furniture piece that had been in the family and incorporated in the design.  Reclaimed materials also emit good "ju-ju' if they have been in previous happy environments.

Rule 5: You MUST have a bar!  The bar does not have to store  alcohol, but can be a beverage center for water, sodas and or vitamin drinks for kids and or visitors. 

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